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SALES: Lead Generation for Businesses Of All Sizes


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So often the marketing initiatives that we read about, while tremendously useful, are aimed at businesses with six-figure budgets. But that's not a reality for most businesses. Small businesses, with their small budgets, tend to be a forgotten entity in the marketing arena. This leaves them to their own devices on how to market their services, with the result being trial and error and wasted money.

But there is hope and it lies in lead generation. An outbound lead-generation campaign is the only reliable way to organise a sales campaign and set it up for success by putting sales teams in touch with receptive parties. However, this is often difficult for many companies to achieve on their own, and those that try end up wasting time and money getting their databases to perform as they need them.

“Getting leads for your business with lead generation may not always yield the results you want. Some customers are gold, delivering huge sales and profits. But many customers in many companies are actually unprofitable. Why work to obtain or retain the loyalty and sales of an unprofitable customer‘” asks Louise Robinson, Sales Director of Database 360.

The Right Tools for Your Businesses Target Market

The solution lies in an understanding of the target market. The simplest way to achieve this is through an effective database. And the fastest and most cost-effective way to obtain all the information necessary is by purchasing a clean, well-managed and well-maintained database from a third-party database provider. As a marketing and sales tool, a good database will help a company to identify the best prospects based on solid data rather than relying on purely intuitive demographic selects, which are often a guess.

“By using a database as a means of pointing a sales or a marketing team in the right direction, indicating which are the most likely and most profitable customers, as well as which prospects not to target, this is essentially an investment in more cost-effective sales. It opens a channel for exchanging information with customers, building relationships with them that bind them to your company and your brand,” says Robinson.

And the best part is that purchasing the database is a relatively inexpensive investment that delivers almost immediate returns. “A good database will provide value for every type of business – from a small startup to a Fortune 500 multinational. All companies need the information these lists provide, and can use the data in a number of ways to enhance their business,” she points out.

Getting the Right Database for Your Business

This includes sales, marketing, and CRM (Customer Retention Management). “It’s all in how the database is used. The database itself is merely the launch pad for a number of initiatives that will yield almost immediate results. Buying large random databases is a waste of money because a focused approach is vital. Using those databases will provide the same results as opening the phone book and cold calling at random. It’s all about making the right offer to the right person at the right time, based on accurate, up-to-date data. Used correctly, a good database is as good as gold for you’re business,” Robinson concludes.

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