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INFOTECH: Executives Save By Digitizing Meetings


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Struggling to collate bulky and costly documents for meetings and also disseminating them to the executive committee via courier services‘ Paper 2 Digital Storage Solutions (P2Dss), has introduced a solution for executives to share information electronically and more importantly, on demand and at a fraction of the cost including being able to digitize meetings.

This state-of-the-art solution allows executives to schedule meetings and upload agendas and other relevant documentation electronically to other committee members via most electronic devices, such as PCÂ’s, laptop and tablets.

Dawid Jacobs, CEO of P2Dss, says technology is readily available to enable companies to digitise paper-based documents into tamperproof electronic documents that can be easily retrieved within seconds. “Furthermore, P2Dss has developed business models that are unique in the field of electronic record management.”

Digitzing Meetings – The Most Effective Time Saver

Despite living in the information age with access to email, wireless networks, smartphones and tablets, many companies continue to use outdated paper processes. P2DssÂ’ solution eliminates this unnecessary wastage and doesnÂ’t require extensive network infrastructures.

“More importantly, by introducing one simple business process, our solution will save your organisation a lot of time and money, not to mention reducing your reliance on paper products,” he stresses.

Paper to Digital Storage Solutions specialises in electronic records, document and content management, it has done intensive research on all local standards and laws as well as international tendencies and has implemented it fully in the company. In addition, P2Dss has created policies and procedures according to ISO and SANS standards which ensures that it is able to authenticate scanned copies of documents under its control as authentic copies of the original.

The company has also established alliances with local and international organisations that are involved in this area of business, mainly to enhance its service offering and to create various additional revenue streams.

“With the new Company’s Act, data protection will be enforced, which will mean all data in whatever form and related to any business in SA, must be protected and be available. Acts such as the Promotion of Access of Information Act and the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act has already established the needs and methods for companies to store their paper-based records and documents securely,” he explains.

With Carbon Footprint Reduction becoming a reality, the next step will be to curb the usage and waste of paper in a company, coupled with the waste of energy by huge copiers en printers, even servers within the organisation.

Paper 2 Digital Storage Solutions has been established by the growing need for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), large enterprises and Government departments to have their paper-based documents stored in electronic format. This process involves the digitisation of current and archived documents through scanning onto an Electronic Record Management System (ERMS) database.

P2DssÂ’s concept is to be a cost effective outsourced-based electronic storage solution for any Small to Medium to very large enterprise. The documents generated by any business can be collected by P2Dss, captured, stored and preserved using high-end ERMS software on the premises of P2Dss onto secure servers and then exported to the clients ERMS software or the client can opt to do the scanning on their own premises.

A Safe Process When Digitizing Meetings

The Company has acquired all the software, hardware and expertise needed to ensure that all client data is kept secure and highly confidential at all times, this is guaranteed through stringent policies and procedures. P2Dss also complies with ISO and SANS standards and the various South African laws applicable to ERMS.

The market for cloud computing is one of the fastest growing in the ICT environment today. According to research firm IDC, worldwide revenue from public IT cloud services is forecast to reach $55.5 billion in 2014, more than double that it is today. More importantly, Gartner says it has emerged as the number one technology priority for 2011 among information technology professionals.

“Combining our state-of-the-art technology with highly skilled and professional support, we offer the full array of services to create a paperless environment including electronically scanning, indexing, filing, storing, maintaining, and retrieving all your documents – all this at a low monthly cost,” says Jacobs.

“P2Dss will collect, scan, convert and link your monthly agenda’s and annexures and make it available electronically via a dropbox to each executive, to extract and work on electronically as well as having your meetings digitized. This will ensure huge time and cost savings on paper, printing and courier services,” he concludes.

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