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EXPO: BRICS Africa Export Import Forum: Another First for SAITEX


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The vast, largely untapped potential for BRICS intra Africa trade is to receive a major boost, through the newly-launched BRICS Africa Export Import Forum, which will run alongside the Southern African International Trade Exhibition (SAITEX), taking place from 15 to 17July 2012 at Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand.

The BRICS Africa Export Import Forum is the only event that is dedicated to showcasing the range of services and support available for BRICS Intra Africa trade. Products and services that will be showcased cover the entire import/export supply chain – including trade and investment promotion agencies, export/import consultants, Export Councils, Chambers of Commerce, banking and trade finance, credit guarantee and insurance services, customs brokers and revenue services, certification and audits, training, media, as well as companies involved in freight logistics including shipping lines, airlines, road and rail operators and courier companies.

According to the Standard Bank Group, trade between BRIC nations and Africa increased almost eight times, from $21.9 billion in 2000 to $164.6 billion in 2008. By 2030, this figure is expected to exceed $4 trillion.

In 2010, China overtook the United States as Africa's largest trading partner, while Brazil and India currently rank as Africa's sixth and 10th largest trading partners, respectively. Among the BRIC countries, China dominates BRIC-Africa trade, accounting for about two-thirds in value.

“Africa has become a vital market to the BRIC trading bloc,” says Stephen Oehley, Director of the BRICS Africa portfolio at South African Trade Promotions, one of the event partners. Explaining the rationale for the event, Oehley says: “The dynamics of international trade are constantly changing. The BRICS Africa Export Import Forum keeps industry updated on the latest trends, trade intelligence, products and services, and presents real trade and networking opportunities.”

The positive outlook for BRICS intra Africa trade has been well documented. “Brazil's trade with Africa could triple to $60 billion by 2017,” says Roberto Giannetti da Fonseca, head of foreign trade at the Sao Paulo Industrial Federation (FIESP). He also notes that trade tripled to $20 billion between 2004 and 2010.
Trade with other BRIC countries is equally as promising. India’s trade with Africa has increased by a massive 1,000% over the last decade, with value currently around $32 billion a year. According to IMF data, Russia-Africa trade reached $3.5 billion in 2009, the smallest volume of the BRIC partners.

“Africa is one of the fastest growing economic regions in the world, with a combined GDP growing at an average rate of 4.5% per annum,” says John Thomson, Managing Director of Exhibition Management Services, organisers of SAITEX and co-organisers of the BRICS Africa Export Import Forum.

“The BRIC nations continue to reap the benefits of bilateral trade. Africa has enjoyed infrastructure development, economic expansion and developmental aid, while the BRIC nations gain access to strategic mineral resources, markets and support from African states at multilateral summits.”

Thomson adds that BRIC’s trade growth with Africa has outpaced global trade and that the potential for future growth is significant. “Our show aims to develop and exploit that potential,” he comments.

Intra Africa / Intra BRIC Trade Opportunity Presentations

In addition to the exhibition element, a number of co-located events designed to stimulate trade will be staged.

The Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) in association with BRIC Trade Consulates and the Department of Trade and Industry is convening a series of trade opportunity presentations and seminars aimed at opening dialogue between trade representatives from BRIC countries and African business visitors. Each BRICS country is assigned four presentations aligned to: Ease of Conducting Business in that country, Investment Opportunities, Export Opportunities and Import Opportunities.

BRICS - Dedicated Workshops to Assist Importers and Exporters

Export and import workshops are scheduled over two days, offering beginner fundamentals on day one and import/export campaign support on day two.
Presented by the International Trade Institute of Southern Africa (ITRISA), the programme focuses on proper planning and execution, efficiency and compliance, optimisation of operating procedures, incentives, finance, logistics, markets, marketing, training and support.

The first day of the programme is an ‘Export and Import for Beginners’ workshop. This will focus on prerequisites for successful international trading, the import and export process, how to select carriers and third party logistics, incoterms, import and export payment methods and risk assessments, and compiling an export marketing plan.

‘Import and Export for the Seasoned Exporter or Importer’ will be the focus of day two. Topics that will be covered include export financing claiming duty refunds, drawbacks and rebates, VAT and exports, incoterms customs modernisation, as well as accurate import costing and quoting.

Thomson believes that the co-location of the BRICS Africa Export Import Forum with SAITEX and Africa’s Big Seven will benefit all participants. With 785 exhibitors and 14,659 visitors to the combined events, these well- proven international trade shows provide a solid basis for further trade growth.

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