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INFOTECH: DCC Expands Power Solution Offering with AEC Products


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Backup power sources have become increasingly important, not only for
businesses but also the home. Distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) is
tackling this issue by including The Allis Electric Company's (AEC's) range
of power solutions into its existing offering, including inverters and the
Star T1 and Star T1X ranges of UPS'. These ranges of UPS solutions will
protect business and IT appliances and the full range of inverters will keep
homes home running for up to eight hours, depending on the battery options
selected with the models.

The Range of Products AEC Has to Offer

AEC is a Taiwanese based company that has been in existence since 1968 and
manufactures a range of electrical equipment including UPS', switchgear,
resin cast transformers, switching mode rectifiers and AC/DC industrial
control equipment to mention a few. Its solutions span Information
Technology (IT), telecommunications and power utilities.

Says Robert Brand, AEC Product Specialist at DCC, "We, especially as South
Africans, rely heavily on alternative power sources in order to keen our
businesses and homes running. No electricity means no productivity and for
the home owner, it could also result in losses due to food spoilt from a
refrigerator and freezer not running. However, what is also becoming
increasingly apparent is that these types are products are important with an
automated or intelligent home, where the entire 'connectedness' of the home
is reliant on a stable electricity supply."

"In addition, businesses need to protect their equipment and AEC's range of
UPS' not only provides lightning and surge protection but also include
software that allows for a statefull shutdown of IT equipment such as
desktops or servers in the event of an extended power outage."

AEC Inverters Cost Efficent and Technologically Advanced

Moving into the inverter market is a natural extension for DCC who has been
supplying UPS' to its reseller base for many years. The full range of AEC
inverters including the IG and ST2X ranges provide an alternative to
generators for home users and business, assisting to reduce emissions and
noise pollution. These inverters provide run times of up to eight hours and
some models include solar panels which supplement the charging of the
batteries. They are available in pure sinewave or modified sinewave variants
providing for both a cost efficient as well as technologically advanced

Says Brandt, "The beauty of the AEC ST2X inverter is that is can operate as
a generator too as it runs on extended time, providing up to eight hours of
power depending on the number of appliances that are connected to it. It is
designed to operate in harsh environments and is ideal for manufacturing,
small and medium businesses as well as home offices."

AEC's range of inverters and UPS' is now available to resellers from DCC.

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