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INFOTECH: Logikal Expands African Operations


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As AfricaÂ’s emerging economies continue to grow despite the worldwide recession, forward-looking companies such as Logikal Consulting are investing in skills and offering these countries solutions uniquely tailored to them. One of these is Logikal Consulting, a specialist systems integration and consulting company with a growing African footprint. Home-grown Logikal ConsultingÂ’s understanding of business in Africa is evidenced by this rapid growth, with a presence in 15 African countries, where it is not merely selling products and services, but is helping customers take their technology to the next level.

Through partnerships with leading vendors such as SAS, SAP and Solix, the company provides a unique brand of dynamic consulting, expert integration and outsourcing services across the financial services, banking and insurance, telecoms, manufacturing, retail, logistics and public sectors. Each sector is manages by specialised teams that provide tailored solutions.

“As emerging markets, African countries have the opportunity to leapfrog existing solutions in favour of cutting-edge technologies. We not only provide these technologies, but the skills and knowledge necessary to implement them effectively,” explains Kevin Mani, Managing Executive at Logikal Consulting.

Logikal Providing the Right Data Management Products

For example, KenyaÂ’s economic growth has resulted in a concurrent increase in data and an escalating need to manage this data. As the key to successful data management lies in the effective use of the right tools, Logikal Consulting is providing Kenyan businesses with the Solix range of data management products. A fully integrated set of leading-edge tools for managing data holistically to ensure compliance, manage cost, improve performance and operational efficiencies, and maximise data security, the Solix products offer IT and the business control over vital structured data through consistent enforcement of business rules across the enterprise.

Logikal Provides to All

In addition to providing businesses in Africa with leading-edge technology, services and support, Logikal Consulting is supplying the same to a number of utilities across the continent. “Utilities are no less a business than any other,” adds Gerald Naidoo, CEO of Logikal Consulting. “But in addition to the usual systems that all businesses need, they have unique requirements. The SAP and SAS software tools that have been specifically created for utilities are as essential as a good accounting system.”

These software tools not only provide an integrated view on maintenance, but offer a complete business intelligence view on the entire business of the utility. Naidoo adds that SAP and SAS have created entire utility frameworks focused on power generation, making it easier for them to comply with international reporting guidelines such as IFRS, NERSA, and IEE. In addition, many African countries are investing in sustainable energy initiatives – something which is explicitly covered in the software.

“The proliferation of wind and sustainable energy programmes we are seeing in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa are changing the power generation business on the continent. This has extraordinary implications for utilities and the people who lead them—work processes, organisational models, competitive strategies, and leadership methods are all being affected. This is the wave of the future, and is essential to ensuring sustainability for these countries. It therefore becomes crucial to manage these programmes effectively to ensure they deliver effectively. As Logikal Consulting we see our role not just as consultants and systems integrators, but are proud to be a meaningful contributor to each country’s growth initiatives,” Naidoo concludes.

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