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DATA MANAGEMENT: Solutions for the Growing Challenges in Data Management


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Companies face a minefield of challenges in data management with the protection and management of their corporate information. “Enterprises are required to meet growing industry regulations on the protection of customer information, as well as guarding corporate intellectual property from exposure to the public, competitors or social media sites,” says McAfee Product Manager at AxizWorkgroup, Andrea van der Westhuizen. “The increase in mobile IT tools is also making it more difficult for companies to protect data on the move,” van der Westhuizen.
“In response to these growing challenges, companies need to employ integrated data protection solutions to ensure that critical corporate data assets remain protected both inside and outside the companies IT network, to enable the enterprise to stay compliant with data protection regulations, regardless of whether users are in the office or working remotely,” says van der Westhuizen.

Ensuring Protection in the Challenges of Data Management

An effective data management solution should provide integrated protection that enables enterprises to easily roll out data protection to all endpoints, including servers, SmartphoneÂ’s and removable media devices, ensuring that data is protected wherever it resides. An integrated data management solution should also enable enterprises to implement data protection policies and generate detailed reports to support audits and prove compliance.

Intelligent protection should also form part of an effective data management solution, providing an accurate picture of the data an enterprise has and how it is protected. The system should provide a complete view of the assets that need to be safeguarded and identify any previously unknown risks as well as enable fast, accurate forensic investigations into data loss.

Flexibility Can Help with the Challenges of Data Management

Flexibility is another important consideration when considering a data management solution. The solution should provide enterprises with flexible protection that meets current security needs while preparing for the inevitable challenges ahead. It needs to be dynamic enough to safeguard critical information as well as be able to adapt to new regulations and business requirements as they emerge, without requiring an overhaul of the enterprise’s entire data protection function,” says van der Westhuizen.

McAfeeÂ’s range of data protection options are optimized to fit into an enterpriseÂ’s existing security architecture and uniquely offer streamlined management and intuitive data discovery in one easily adaptable solution. McAfeeÂ’s data protection products offer strong encryption, authentication, data loss prevention and policy-driven security controls to help block unauthorized access to sensitive company data anywhere, anytime. The solutions automatically discover sensitive data and apply policy based usage restrictions, allowing only authorised information to leave the organisation and therefore provides an answer to the challenges of data management.


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