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VENTURES: Develop SA and Enzayo Technologies: a Formidable Team


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Since its local establishment in 2009, Bidvest Group company, Develop South Africa, the enterprise development business focusing on the South African document production and management sector, has come on in leaps and bounds.

Says Marc Pillay, Develop South Africa general manager: “Develop was founded locally in order to develop and employ South Africans, particularly black entrepreneurs, and assist in bringing the country’s steady ‘brain drain’ to a halt. For the past two years, we have been hard at work identifying and developing candidates to become competitive players within the local print, copy, fax and scan market.

“One partnership that has most certainly come to fruition is that with Enzayo Technologies, which was formally established early 2010 by Ash Maharaj, CEO and majority shareholder, and Toby Wells, marketing director, specifically to work with Develop South Africa,” he explains.

“The relationship has gone from strength to strength and Enzayo has proven itself to be a force within the marketplace, securing a number of high profile clients and establishing a strong reputation for service excellence. In fact, the company has been nominated as Develop South Africa’s major service hub for the Gauteng region.”

A Top Quality Enzayo Management Team

Although relatively small, Enzayo has access to a highly qualified management team, with more than 40 years of collective experience in the office automation industry. “We believe that Enzayo has the best ratio of technicians to devices in the field of any vendor in the country,” states Ash Maharaj, Enzayo Technologies CEO. “From pre-sales analysis, site audits, financing, contract negotiations and software integration to the servicing and support of an existing installed base, we specialise in all aspects of the office equipment segment.”

The Vision of Enzayo

Enzayo’s vision is to become the preferred black economic empowered Develop South Africa partner for South Africa and parts of Southern Africa. “Taking a more cautious approach, we ensured that we understood the printing solutions market completely and established a sound financial platform prior to officially launching Enzayo Technologies,” Maharaj explains. “I am confident that the company has now reached that point in its lifecycle from which it can focus on growth and profitability.

“Enzayo’s intent is to stimulate growth by investing more aggressively in marketing and sales activities. The sales force will be increased in the forthcoming year and we will also implement a customer relationship programme with the purpose of attracting new customers, monitoring sales, increasing customer spend, reducing costs and increasing the level of customer experience.”

Furthermore, Enzayo will bolster skills in order to provide in-house technical support to customers and its sales team, a function that is currently outsourced. Maharaj maintains that this too will stimulate sales and, ultimately, growth. “We would like to increase Develop’s market share both within South- and Southern Africa,” he says.

According to Pillay, Enzayo’s commitment to the Develop South Africa brand has been exemplary and the partnership is built on mutual respect. “We look forward to moving into the future and continuing to shake up the local document production and management market with Enzayo, positioning us at the forefront of technological development and customer satisfaction,” he adds.

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