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BUSINESS: Optimise Business Processes to Improve Business Performance


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Industry is increasingly realising the importance of optimising business processes and how this can improve performance in an increasingly competitive environment, says IQ Business¬ís relationship leader Shaynil Lalla. ¬ďA company¬ís business processes are at the core of any business. Even with the best people and technology tools, without effective business processes a company is going to struggle. Everything has to work together in unison and at times each company needs to look at the efficiency and effectiveness of its business processes,¬Ē Lalla explains.

¬ďBusiness processes are moving to become more focused on end customers. The optimisation of business processes enables companies to improve the customer service experience as well as fulfil regulatory requirements,¬Ē says Lalla.

¬ďIn order for companies to optimise their business processes, they need to understand the industry they are operating in and how their business fulfils a need in that market space. This industry knowledge can then be put to use in designing and optimising business processes to best serve this market,¬Ē says Lalla.

Optimizing Business Processes

Business Process Optimisation (BPO) looks at what waste can be eliminated from business processes to complete them in a shorter time and at less cost, and basically reviewing how to do things better. Business Process Reengineering (BPR) takes place when large scale changes have taken place within the business but the organisation is still operating using its current business processes, which then have to be reengineered to adapt to the changing business. Business Process Management (BPM) looks at how to manage processes that have been changed, including identifying process champions who understand the importance of the process and how they need to be implemented correctly. These champions also needi to manage the process going forward and how to update the process when required.

The Process Innovation division of IQ Business is one of five main practise areas in the business, including Strategic Advisory, Technology Enablement, Human Performance and Risk and Accounting Services. These 5 practices work together on projects to enable clients to generate sustainable results.

Maximizing Business Processes Effectiveness

The Process Innovation division also conducts Project Management Office (PMO) maturity assessments which provide an end-to-end view of a company’s project management capabilities, providing a health check and highlighting pain points and how these can be corrected in order to maximise PMO effectiveness.

IQ Business, and their international partners, The Hackett Group, also work with clients to benchmark their HR, Finance, IT or Procurement functions against world class standards, and then help them to close up the gaps between where they are and becoming world class.

IQ Business’ Lean and Six Sigma certified experts are experienced at eliminating excess waste in business processes and automating manual processes to speed up process timelines and decrease costs. IQ partners with its clients, making use of its local industry knowledge and best practise experience to implement a unique set of business processes that suit the specific requirements of the client.

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