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INFOTECH: An Apple a Day Keeps Your Business Okay


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The mobile explosion that is surging across the world is fundamentally changing the way we do business. Apple computers and mobile devices are fast gaining a reputation for reliability and innovation. This is according to Denzil Thanarayen, the General Manager of Think IT Solutions, part of EOH; the official Apple Mac service provider in the corporate market.

Virtualisation and the cloud are at the heart of the mobility explosion, says Thanarayen. “You are quite literally able to do whatever you want from your traditional desktop in the cloud. All you really require is bandwidth and internet access. Connecting to the cloud has never been easier than with Apple. iCloud allows individuals to store their music, pictures, videos and documents in the cloud, which allows them to access them from any device. It is simply at the forefront of mobile device technology and is setting the standard. As a result, we are finding more and more businesses adopting the technology.”

Think IT Capitalizes on Apple Computer Platforms

Think IT has positioned itself as the systems integrator of choice when it comes to Apple platforms and integrations into Microsoft. “We have the necessary in-house experience we need to support the increasing volume of corporates that are adopting Apple. This takes the form of having a host of certified Apple Mac engineers on staff and being a registered reseller of Apple in the South African and African market,” explains Thanarayen.

“A large majority of our customers have opted to integrate Apple into their business in order to compliment the growing demand for mobility. The demand is normally encouraged by executive teams, such as the CEO or CIO, who can appreciate the value of the technology and the impact it will have on the business,” Thanarayen says.

Apple offers a resilient solution that can be fully integrated into the business on a Microsoft platform. “The architecture of the latest Apple and Microsoft platforms and applications are such that they can be deployed to co-exist seamlessly. This is largely as a result of the large amount of mobile Apple devices that are purchased and integrated into business. There is however still a great deal of work that needs to be done to manage these devices in terms of security and content management,” explains Thanarayen.

Apple Computers Look at Security and Control Aspect

A lot of effort has been channelled into developing software that will reliably address security concerns. “Apple’s latest operating system, iOS X Lion server, is designed to offer secure deployment and over-the-air management of iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. It literally requires all the Apple devices to be registered with an Apple server that will roll out information and security protocol to all devices. It is a means of controlling what comes in and what goes out of the company, which is crucial from both a security and intellectual property perspective,” says Thanarayen

“I foresee the shift towards Apple products becoming more pronounced in the business world as more and more people adopt Apple products from a personal perspective. The release of next generation Apple iPhones are also on the cards, which will further drive the demand,” concludes Thanarayen.


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