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BUILDING: Johnson Controls Commits to Local Building Industry


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Johnson Controls South Africa has renewed its commitment to the local building industry by reaffirming its longstanding partnership with Approved Building Control Specialists (ABCS).

The partnership, which began early in 2000, is aimed at creating a network of highly skilled, quality Building Control Specialists throughout the country to share knowledge and experience and take Johnson Controls products into the market. There are currently four ABCS's in South Africa: Cape Automation, Industrial Thermo Dynamics, Optimal Control Systems and Atbro.

"Through the Johnson Controls ABCS partnership agreement, we are driving real value into the South African building market through a mutually beneficial arrangement. Johnson Controls manufactures and supplies world leading products and technology and provides our partners with extensive training, to create building control specialists who are able to take the best of our technology and the skills and knowledge they have gained into the market for speedy and efficient delivery," says Neil Cameron, General Manager of Johnson Controls Systems and Services.

"We created this network of ABCS in order to obtain national coverage of our products and services, something which we could not achieve on our own. This is crucial for our organisation, particularly when doing business with multi-national corporations, as we need to be able to implement and support the technology we supply in areas where we may not have our own presence," he adds.

Johnsoon ControlsÂ’ Strong Relationships with the Building Industry

By building strong relationships with these partners over the years, providing specific training and certification on products and installations, and allowing the approved specialists to access all of Johnson Controls' extensive resources, each ABCS effectively becomes an extension of the Johnson Controls brand, affiliated with this global brand.

"By carefully selecting each of these partners, Johnson Controls is able to monitor the quality of all installations and the technical ability of our ABCS companies. Limiting the number of companies we partner with also ensures that we can invest more into each partner to give them all of the tools they need and immediate access to all of our new products and resources," Cameron adds.

For the end user engaging with one of the ABCS, this provides a guarantee that they are working with a highly technically competent and qualified partner for the implementation of building management systems and other Johnson Controls technology. Each ABCS has been certified by Johnson Controls and is licensed to supply, install and maintain the company's sophisticated solutions, ensuring quality of implementation and support.

Johnson Controls Dedicated to Building Industry Partners

"Johnson Controls is dedicated to helping our ABCS partners gain a name for themselves in the market, by sharing resources and knowledge and communicating on a daily basis. By working together as a network, we can work a lot smarter, and have access to a far broader range of skills than we would if working alone. This means if there are skills shortages or big projects that require additional resources, we have these on tap through our ABCS network and our global knowledge centre," says Cameron.

"The end goal of the ABCS initiative is to create more value for customers.

In the growing technological age, buildings are becoming increasingly reliant on sophisticated technology to run more efficiently, save energy and provide a wealth of information. We work with our building industry partners to ensure these solutions are available and can be competently installed and maintained, and to ensure that our customers receive the same level of service no matter where they are in the country," he concludes.

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