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ONLINE PUBLISHING: MySubs Launches HTML5 Digital Edition Reader


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Digital newsstand, MySubs, has launched a browser-based digital edition reader which makes use of HTML5 and JavaScript to render digital newspapers and magazines. This application replaces the existing Flash-based solution and will make MySubs one of the first digital content aggregators to replace Flash for the purposes of viewing “same as print” editions.

While a number of vendors have been experimenting with HTML5 beta’s, largely aimed at mobile viewing, the MySubs application is designed to be device agnostic with the initial version being optimised for use on a computer with subsequent versions for tablets and smartphones to follow. MySubs joins other players such as Amazon and Financial Times who are embracing this technology as their platform for future development.

The Digital Edition Reader Which Allows Choice

“The approach adopted by MySubs is also popular with publishers who wish circumvent app stores in order to retain customer data and a greater share of revenue. However, the application is not intended to replace the existing native applications for iOS and Android. It is an additional option developed as part of MySubs’ intention to give both publishers and their customers the choice as to how they wish to consume their favourite publications,” said Bryan Hooley, Business Development Manager at On the Dot.

“Launching a core product based on such a new approach was not without its difficulties,” said Ryan Morison, Digital Strategist at On the Dot, “Browser compatibility (especially with regards to Internet Explorer) and the varying capabilities of different browsers with regards to rendering of content were significant challenges. A number of techniques had to be evaluated in order to arrive at a system that could be effectively used across as wide a range of browsers and devices as possible”.

The Future of the Digital Edition Reader

In future, this application is also intended to serve as a foundation for a number of exciting features and developments. For the digital edition reader these include optimisation for a wider range of devices (including smart-phones), extension to other content types e.g. books and support for purpose-built and enhanced content.


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