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INDUSTRIAL: ATRS Introduces Water Bags for Load Testing to Clients


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Anchor Testing and Rigging Services (ATRS) is now fully operational since acquiring their water bags for proof load testing. The organisation specialising in testing and rigging services for the engineering, marine and offshore lifting and rigging industries, has made a R2 million investment in water bags, enabling them to facilitate projects for local and global clients. As opposed to using traditional solid test weights, clients have the option to coordinate tests using water bags. Its innovative design allows for a simplified load testing method with the significant advantage of additional safety and economy.

The ATRS water bags, used to perform load testing on clients’ lifting machines, adhere to the international DNV and ISO 9001:2000 standards. Complete with all the necessary fittings and valves, they are made from heavy duty UV resistance PVC coated fabric and webbing harness terminates. The bags are used by suitably trained personnel only and tests are coordinated by a registered LMI, all expertise is provided by ATRS.

Benefits to ATRS Clients for Load Testing

• Increased work efficiency, as the water bags are light, easy to handle, completely rigged and ready to hang and use upon delivery
• A 6:1 factor of safety. Through the gradual increase of the load during testing, problems are identified prior to reaching the required load, which can be addressed immediately
• Versatility, as bags are available in multiple sizes and can be used in combination to achieve almost any load
• Weighing considerably less than the required test weight, water bags are economical, saving considerable amounts in transport, storage and labour costs
• With resources and skills support from Anchor Industries, ATRS is able to coordinate complicated projects within shorter periods and without incident

Applications and use
• Marine: Testing cranes, davits, derricks, winches, lifeboats, ramps, lifts and pad eyes for offshore installations; shipbuilding, repair companies, docks and harbours
• Industrial: Testing overhead cranes, beams, gantries and elevators at power stations, refineries, factories and crane companies

Latest Success of the Water Bags for Load Testing

As a testimony to their success, ATRS has completed a diverse range of projects. The latest has been the load testing on an oil rig at Coega using water bags.

Johan Kruger, Anchor Testing and Rigging Services Managing Director, headed the project and was on site to ascertain the requirements. Within three days, eight staff members were mobilised with their equipment and on their way to the testing site at Coega. After the rigging studies, risk assessments and positioning had been coordinated, the initial load test took two teams (of four staff each) five hours to coordinate, with one team executing the quay side preparation while the other coordinated on deck preparation.

The biggest challenge during the project was the strong wind conditions at Coega which caused several of the mooring lines holding the rig in position in the port to snap. “Even though the weather made it almost impossible to coordinate the testing, we used the experience and expertise within our team to overcome the forces of nature and complete the project within time and budget,” concluded Kruger. This provides sufficient proof how successful these bags have been for load testing.

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