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WOMEN IN BUSINESS: Women’s Month Shows Us That Teamwork is the Key


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Women’s Month is commemorated by South Africa in August, with special attention being placed on Women’s Day (9 August) to recall the day in 1956 when women from all races and walks of life marched to the Union Buildings in protest against oppressive apartheid pass laws. This historic march marked a turning point in the role of women in the struggle for freedom, democracy and social justice in South Africa, and yet women today are still struggling to achieve economic and social equality. Understanding this, the theme for Women’s Month this year is: Working together to enhance women’s opportunities to economic empowerment”.

However, while women still strain for economic equality, there are a number of companies that are great role models in the empowerment of women, and their success in achieving gender equality is reflected in their business success. For Women’s Month we have seen that CG Consulting, which prides itself on the equality of its corporate environment, reflected in its excellent BEE credentials.

Women’s Month Embraces Oppourtunites

The company’s Sales Director, Louise Robinson, explains that CG Consulting firmly believes in providing opportunities to everyone – regardless of race, creed, religion or gender. The only criterion that the company insists on, she says, is a passion to do the job well. "We live in a world of massive change that compels us to embrace new thinking. This applies both to our society and to the ICT environment, and will only come if we truly open up our organisations to all of the different types people in South Africa. Our employees expect it, and our customers and investors depend on it."

She adds that all the unique attributes that people from different walks of life bring with them into the work environment can provide a competitive edge for any company that can harness them, and that a diverse workforce provides an opportunity to introduce new ideas as well as approach business in a different way. “We use the unique qualities of each of our employees to help them grow in the business, and to help the business itself grow,” she says. “We strongly believe in equal opportunities, and ignore gender and race in favour of talent and ability.” Women’s Month allows us to come to terms with these differences and work a way to grow and enhance our country together.

Women’s Month Brings Us Together

In fact, she adds that she believes that the differences between the genders should be appreciated rather than ignored, as each brings its own strengths. “Men and women are very different, and they each have their own unique abilities, which should be celebrated. This is why I don’t believe they should compete head-to-head, but rather play to their strengths and strive for a good balance, allowing them to achieve so much more together,” she says. Women’s Month allows us to see how words like these allow us to look past the issues that women have felt plague them in the working environment.

Robinson believes that in harnessing the differences of the many types of people employed by CG Consulting, the company has achieved success through the teamwork that such an approach breeds. “Everyone has different interests and abilities. By combining these into one team, you ensure that everyone has a chance to shine.” It is with this that we want the words ‘success’ and ‘teamwork’ to be reflected on during Women’s Month.


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