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INFOTECH: Wave Of the Future


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We are used to supermarkets selling a wide array of products under their own label, considerably cheaper than similar original products. We secretly enjoy the bargain and thank them for doing that when we are trying to live on a tight budget. It is exactly the same in business. When companies are looking for ways to expand their service offerings without having to invest thousands of Rand in creating the technology and infrastructure behind it, White Label suppliers can provide the solutions necessary.

IT distribution specialist Phoenix Distribution is using the expertise of its member companies to provide a unique white label solution for clients looking to harness the power of e-commerce. “As the company that created the first multi-vendor software download store in South Africa, we are exceptionally well positioned to provide the knowledge, the infrastructure, and the solutions that any company looking to break into this new area of business would require,” says Phoenix Distribution CEO, Simon Campbell-Young. “Software is exceptional in that it does not require a physical product to be bought, and an online store providing the product, as well as the security necessary for online shoppers, is a breakthrough for those companies that are – or want to be – retailers of software.”

Customers wanting to purchase software in this manner merely have to download the application, install it, and enter the product key that has been sent to them via a secure e-mail. All purchases are conducted securely – in exactly the same manner as any other online purchase – and they key is kept on file for users who lose it, or who will require it at a later date.

“The benefits to a company interested in adopting white label website or e-commerce solutions are obvious: cost savings, services diversification, and quick market penetration. Agility, transparency, diversity, speed of information routing, dynamic pricing, widening of audience reach, full accessibility through online technologies - these are the words that get everyone’s hearts racing faster, and these are the benefits of white-label co-operation. Advantages of combining capabilities to meet the ever-changing demands of the market and customers are endless and, if executed properly, will benefit all stakeholders involved,” says Campbell-Young.

The download stores created for customers by Phoenix Distribution’s team are, for all intents and purposes, the customer’s. The entire site is branded and personalised to the customer’s requirements. With Phoenix Distribution’s expertise, the site is custom-built to allow e-tailers to offer software products of their choice in the most cost-effective manner, giving them a competitive edge.

Phoenix Distribution’s reach in the software arena has positioned it to harness this wave of the future. While was the first multi-vendor software download store in South Africa, Phoenix Software’s proficiency in physical software distribution has allowed the group to provide an exceptional solution for new and existing customers. “Many of our brick and mortar retailers have availed themselves of this opportunity because our reputation, expertise, and relationships in the industry prove our ability. With the ever increasing numbers of online consumers, software retailers can’t afford to ignore this aspect of the business any longer,” Campbell-Young concludes.

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