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INFOTECH: IPv6 Migration to Ensure Network Connectivity in 2012


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Given reliable estimates that regional registration bodies will have run out of additional public IPv4 addresses to assign to ISPs and other companies by 2012 at the current rate of allocation – and earlier if that rate increases – smart companies will migrate to IPv6 sooner rather than later to mitigate the risks of network instability and delivering a poor user experience.

According to a Gartner article, by 2015, 17% of the Internet will use an IPv6 address. Therefore, even those enterprises that have adequate amount of IPv4 space will need to move to an IPv6 address to allow their IPv6-only customers and partners to access their networks.

“Migration to IPv6 could be a major network transition, and most organisations need to start planning and transitioning now, if they wish to be successful,” said THINK iT Chief Technology Officer, Louis Botha.

An information and communications technology (ICT) and data storage and security specialist, THINK iT is a member of the EOH group.

It has also recently been certified as a value added reseller for Infoblox, a leader in network automation and control with over 4 000 customers worldwide, including more than one third of the US’s Fortune 500.

“IPv6 migration will not only impact IP address management, the network and infrastructure will also be severely affected. IT teams need to manage network change, configuration and compliance requirements throughout the entire transition to ensure a successful deployment,” said Botha.

He pointed out that Infoblox’s solution for reducing the risks and costs of IPv6 migration, as well as operating IPv6 address networks, was of the main reasons THINK iT sought Infoblox certification.

“THINK iT has an impressive customer base relying on its technologies, skills and solutions for their business continuity, availability and compliance. With IPv6 on the horizon, we wanted to ensure we had the ability to take these customers forward so that their networks and businesses were not compromised.

“However, we also acknowledged that Infoblox provides integrated DNS, DHCP, IP Address Management (IPAM) and Network Change and Configuration Management (NCCM) products that together ensure network availability, provide better control of the network infrastructure, deliver 'one-click' network compliance reporting and improve staff efficiency with built-in automation

“For today’s companies, the network is vital; it therefore makes sense for our customers to embrace a dedicated solution from a company with a single focus – that’s Infoblox. It only delivers hardened appliances that help companies improve DNS/DHCP security, availability, and administration, making sure that the network remains open for business. Now they’re available in South Africa through THINK iT.”

Key benefits of Infoblox IPv6 Address Migration:

· Reduced migration risks with proper planning and IP space modelling tools

* Quick IPv6-only accessibility eliminates business risks
* Reduced cost of migration through automation
* Reduced costs of managing IPv6 address networks
* Visually plan and model your IPv6 address network layout
* Automate network change process for IPv6 migration
* Provide connectivity to your networks using IPv6 DNS (AAAA records), DHCP for IPv6 and DNS64
* Reduce complexity and costs using automated IPv6 DHCP, DNS, IP address management and Network Change and Configuration management

Key benefits of Infoblox DHCP automation:

· Infoblox Grid™ architecture eliminates downtime risk

* Management automation and simplification reduces operating expense and DHCP configuration errors
* Extensive reporting and monitoring provide visibility required for DHCP server configuration troubleshooting and security investigations

Key benefits of Infoblox Domain Name Service (DNS):

· Purpose-built DNS appliance for optimum performance and reliability

* Multiple high-availability and failover options
* Scalable family of hardware and virtual appliances, including virtual appliances for VMware, Cisco ISR and Riverbed Steelhead appliances

Key benefits of IP address management:

· IPAM automation yields up to 90% savings in IP management and monitoring related activities. Tasks that took hours or days to complete can now be accomplished in minutes.

* Up to 50% fewer network related helpdesk calls because Infoblox IPAM IP address tracker eliminates misconfigurations and IP conflicts.
* Increased end user productivity due to fewer outages
* Detailed reporting and audit logging for increased security and compliance

* Patented Grid™-based redundant technology that ensures network infrastructure services never go down

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