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CONTACT CENTRES: Why Social Media is Important to the Contact Centre


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The social media revolution has changed the ways in which people communicate at a personal level; they are sharing their lives and experiences with the world. One of the effects of this has been that people are now also sharing their consumer experiences using platforms such as Twitter and Facebook; and thanks to the vast networks created through friends and friends of friends, these comments may be reaching thousands of people at any one time.

Whether people's experiences and comments are positive or negative, it is becoming increasingly important for organisations to keep their fingers on the pulse of social media, so that they are aware of what is being said about them in the public domain and can take measures to address issues before they can have a damaging impact on the reputation of a business.

"Word of mouth has always been one of the most powerful forms of marketing; social media has enabled people to share their views about companies and brands with even greater numbers of people than ever before. A positive comment about your business can be a great recommendation, but negative responses can have a detrimental effect on the reputation of an organisation. One only has to look at how negative press about BP spread like wildfire on social media after the oil spill to see the power of this medium," says Paul Fick, MD of Spescom DataFusion.

"This makes social media very important for organisations that care about their customers; they need to be aware of what is being said about them so that they can address any issues as they come up. Organisations need to be able to mine this wealth of information to gain customer insight and improve the customer experience. The logical and most practical way to do this is to integrate social media as a new interaction channel into the contact centre," he adds.

"Incorporating social media into the contact centre is not the onerous task it appears, as many contact centre platforms already possess the ability to integrate these channels into existing infrastructure. This added functionality will not even change the job of the agents at hand, as feeds from social networking sites will simply be another stream that appears for them to view, much like emails, and responding to queries that are brought up becomes just another part of the job," says Saartjie Wait, Avaya Channel Account Manager.

Social media is here to stay, and organisations would do well to embrace social media as a source of information by incorporating social media streams into their contact centres. If they are ignored, organisations may miss out on important issues, insights and opportunities. But a contact centre equipped to keep track of what people are saying in this space means quick responses, better customer experiences and a wealth of opportunities that present themselves.

About Spescom DataFusion
Spescom DataFusion is a Jasco group company. Jasco's core focus is to deliver integrated business communication solutions that enhance the way businesses communicate with their customers, leveraging voice, video and data technologies through its various ICT and Telecommunications business units. The deep technical expertise and considerable industry know-how housed in these business units combine to deliver world-class solutions including integrated contact centre platforms and applications, a range of voice application technologies, as well as telecommunications, connectivity and broadcast solutions. At Jasco we are positioned to leverage current and future technology trends and developments to meet the dynamically shifting requirements of our customers and ensure their continued competitiveness.

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