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INDUSTRY: Franklin Electric Launches High Efficiency FPS S-Series


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Franklin Electric South Africa (FESA), South Africa's leading supplier of world-class pumping systems and solutions of the industry's most renowned brands, has announced the launch of a new range of high efficiency end-suction pumps for the agricultural and industrial markets, the FPS S-Series.

“The FPS S-Series features a number of upgrades and changes including some industry firsts that will benefit the consumer in South Africa,” says Bryan Storrier, product manager at FESA. “Our major focus is on high efficiency in line with our continuous improvement programme, which will also have a positive spin-off on cost of operation, and total cost of ownership,” adds Storrier.

By incorporating manufacturing methods and materials used throughout the world, FESA has been able to raise the efficiency levels of the new range significantly. Improved features of the FPS S-Series include:

• Every impeller and volute in the range is a completely new design which is not based on any previous design.
• All impellers are manufactured using the lost wax casting method. In comparison to normal sand casting, the lost wax produces a very smooth surface which automatically increases efficiency. Lost wax also increases the repeatability which ensures that all the components fit perfectly every time.
• FESA’s standard impeller material is carbon steel with cataphoresis treatment and 304 stainless steel. The cataphoresis treatment used on the carbon steel impellers is an electro-chemical coating process for metallic surfaces, widely used in the automotive industry because of its penetration and long-lasting life, either as priming coat or final painting. Cataphoresis treatment is ideal where a high protection against weather conditions, alkali and diluted acids is required. Cast iron parts are safely used in clean and non-aggressive waters, but they can be susceptible to corrosion when salt, alkali or diluted acid concentrations are present. Furthermore, every casting process produces uneven surfaces, thus limiting the pump’s efficiency. Cataphoresis smoothes out the casting surface.
• The hydraulic end is hydraulically and dynamically balanced, as it has replaceable neck rings on the front and back of the impeller. By having complete hydraulic balancing, the forces on the front and back of the impeller are equalised and this in turn extends the bearing life.
• The replaceable neck rings also facilitate easy and quick repair as well as ensure that once the neck rings are replaced, the pump will be back to its original efficiency.
• The new design of the bearing housings incorporates cooling fins which remove any excess heat from the bearings and oil. Because of the high maintenance required on greased bearings, grease lubricated bearings are no longer used.
• FESA has standardised on a 420 stainless steel shaft and a 316 stainless steel shaft will be an option.
• The new range incorporates a unique gland packing system, the ‘Twinner System’, which uses a special split gland follower that facilitates the changing of gland packing without disassembling the pump.
• The oil drain plug incorporates a magnet which removes any magnetic fines from the oil, allowing the bearings to run in clean oil.
“With all these features and efficiencies of up to 90% on some models, we are still able to market the pumps very competitively against leading products in the industry and can assure our customers of a high quality pump that will save them money on the most expensive part of a pump – the actual running of it,” concludes Storrier.

Franklin Electric South Africa is the leading manufacturer of world-class pumping systems and provides the highest quality, availability, service, innovation and value in the industry. Backed by considerable expertise throughout Africa, FESA’s extensive range of pumps are ideal for use in any pumping application.


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