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VIDEO: Samsung Apps for TV Reaches 5 Millionth Download Milestone


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Online video applications topped the lists of most downloaded apps both globally and regionally today as Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. announced that Samsung Apps, the world’s first application store for the television, has passed the five million download mark globally. Leading the way was YouTube™, which ranked as the most downloaded app globally as well as in the United States, the UK and numerous other countries around the world.

Apps that promote shared experiences and bring the family-focused aspects of the TV to life have proven most popular to date. Joining YouTube™ atop the charts were apps such as Vimeo (No. 4 Global, No. 1 Latin America and UAE), Blockbuster (No. 6 Global, No. 2 U.S.) and DAILYMOTION (No. 9 Global, No. 1 Russia). Information apps such as Google Maps (No. 2), AccuWeather (No. 3) and USA Today (No. 7) also were featured prominently on the global download rankings.

“It’s no surprise that these applications would be at the top of the lists globally and regionally,” said Corrie Labuschagne, TV Product Marketing Manager for Samsung South Africa. “The TV is a family-based device and people want to lean back and enjoy their time in front of the TV. These apps are the entry point for consumers to discover other experiences on their TV like gaming and social networking as well as the limitless possibilities being created by our third-party developers.”

More than 550 applications designed specifically for the TV are currently live on the Samsung Apps store, with gaming, video and information apps accounting for nearly 60 percent. More telling is how the rate at which Samsung consumers are downloading TV apps has rapidly increased. After reaching the 2 million download mark in January following the February 2010 launch of Samsung Apps, it took just four more months to reach 5 million. Samsung consumers are downloading Apps for their television at an average rate of 100,000 apps every four days. Samsung Apps is now available in 120 countries.

“Locally we are seeing a large uptake of TV apps and are sure that with the recent launch of our new Smart TV range and as the hype around these TVs increase, we will see a steady growth in the number of app downloads, to be followed by a rapid surge in the number of downloads once Smart TVs become more pervasive on the continent,” continues Labuschagne.

Furthermore, Samsung has championed the success of Samsung Apps for the television since its launch, holding a series of highly successful developer contests around the world to go with its multi-faceted marketing campaign in support of Smart TV. Samsung’s growing developer community is responsible for many of the top titles in the emerging paid apps category. Skyview, for example, which creates a variety of night sky constellations and sounds of outdoor atmospheres, is the second-best selling paid app in the United States.

“The success of our developers and the rate at which our downloads have increased are evidence that this new medium of apps designed specifically for the television experience is taking hold in the consumer living room,” said. Kevin Kyungshik Lee, Vice President, Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics, “These apps are one of the cornerstones of the overall Smart TV experience and they will continue to grow both in number and the diversity of experiences.”

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