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HEALTH: Gift Of Life from Red-Blooded Aida Supporters


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The national blood donation campaign being driven by “red” real estate group Aida has so far yielded more than 5300 units of blood for the SA National Blood Service (SANBS).

“We have had an exceptional response to this campaign from the public as well as our own clients and suppliers,” says Aida’s Ester Odendaal, who is co-ordinating the drive. “And when you consider that three lives can be saved with every unit of blood, these donors have given their fellow South Africans a tremendous gift.”

However, she notes, blood supplies need to be continually replenished and built up to meet the needs of new trauma patients as well as people who depend on regular transfusions, “so the campaign will go on and we will continue to appeal to all healthy people to become blood donors”.

And now with the first of the year’s school holiday periods coming up, as well as several long weekends, Aida offices around the country will be running blood drives in anticipation of a spike in demand due to an increased number of traffic accidents.

A major factor in the success of the blood donation campaign, says Aida CEO Young Carr, is the commitment shown by the group’s franchisees, with more than 50 offices around the country having organised, publicised and assisted with donation drives at local shopping centres, schools, colleges and other venues as well as their own premises.

“Quite a number have also organised special events, such as the Christmas Tree of Life that was organised by the Aida office in Polokwane, and several recent Valentine’s Day promotions with a difference.”

In addition, he says, the company’s distinctive red-and-white branding has enabled it to easily highlight the “Is your blood red?” campaign and spread the word that donated blood is literally a lifesaver for many accident victims and people with serious diseases.

“Indeed, the drive has also enabled us to add substantially to the SANBS databases of people willing to become regular donors and people with rare blood types who are willing to donate in an emergency.”

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