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ENGINEERING: Great Future Prospects for 5-Year Old K’Enyuka


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Through a healthy project pipeline, a dynamic young team, and a strong project presence in the platinum rich Eastern Limb and Western Limb, five-year old engineering and management services company, K’Enyuka has great prospects ahead of it, says its Managing Director Mike Symonds.

“In our five years of existence, we have made great strides, and established a strong project pipeline, both in South Africa and now in Zimbabwe. We are now more recognised in the market and our clients know that we can execute efficient projects.

“Through this burgeoning reputation and resource base, we believe that we will acquire a healthy market share going forward in the next few years.”

Symonds says that K’Enyuka’s core strengths of teamwork, speed of operation and innovative ideas has allowed the company to flourish.

“A large portion of our success has been due to our relatively young, yet sufficiently experienced team, which affords us the opportunity to view and approach the market in a different way, producing definite success in different areas.

“It has also allowed us to develop procedures which lend towards a flat structure, in which roles are clearly defined. Through our flatter structure, information can be easily filtered throughout the company, covering the areas that require attention and identifying niches in market.

“Subsequently, if we have to carry out a tender or feasibility study, the department heads know what their roles are and how to go about it, and we do not have to re-educate.”

He further notes that while most engineering companies suffered under the economic strain of the last three years, K’Enyuka was able to emerge.

“K’Enyuka was mostly able to avoid the effects of the economic downturn, through staying loyal to our key clients throughout the recession, and assisting them on even the smallest of projects.

“Three years ago, when the minerals’ boom occurred, many smaller projects were turned to the side by consultants. However, we noted this gap in the market, and were able to fill them through our specialised services.”

He adds that a healthy working relationship was also crucial in this regard.

“We have strong relationships with our various clients, based on collaboration and trust, and when we are called into an enquiry or a tender, we try to strategically examine what the client really wants, and how we can provide it.

“Subsequently, 90% of the work that we get is as a result of previous work done, which indicates that they are happy with our results, and trust our delivery.”

Symonds states that on smaller projects, K’Enyuka will sift out information from clients and tailor solutions according to their needs, providing input where necessary. He adds that the size and structure of the company enables it to execute these smaller projects.

K’Enyuka was formed by Symonds and Machiel Venter in February 2006. The enterprise is linked to RSV, an established company operating internationally in the mining, metallurgical, industrial and petrochemical industries in Africa, North America, South America, and Australia .

With a knowledgeable team, a strong foothold in the platinum group metals (PGM) sector, and a link to an internationally renowned company, Symonds concludes that the future prospects of K’Enyuka are encouraging.

“We plan to grow consistently in the next few years within the minerals processing industry and continue the success and growth that we have achieved in the PGM sector. Further, our link to RSV International also provides us with a global presence, and will help parlay our growth into the global and Southern African market.”


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