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INFOTECH: Find That Elusive Life Balance with Technology Mobility


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A new age has dawned: employees are no longer required to be turned-out in corporate suits, behind a desk, with computers powered up by 8am to achieve a productive day’s work. In fact, Johann Toerien, Product Manager: HP Notebooks at Axiz, believes that executives perform some of their best work when they are out of the office multitasking. The executive watching her child at gymnastics or the professional sitting overlooking the ocean at his holiday home while answering emails, preparing presentations, negotiating deals, participating on conference calls is now possible with notebooks and even smart phones.

“There have been considerable technological advancements combining mobility with cutting-edge solutions, enabling people to be connected at all times while delivering maximum results. describes mobile computing as embracing a host of portable technologies that makes internet access on the go not only possible, but integral to everyday life. With the constant development of more gadgets, smart phones and netbooks these will become indispensable parts of our lives, “explains Toerien. In recent years, the corporate world has undergone a significant paradigm shift - simply working hard is not enough for employees anymore. There is no longer a need to be at the office all day and night, seven days a week. An essential desire has surfaced to find that notorious life balance. Professionals are finding that being able to multitask in a permanently connected corporate environment enables them to provide high-level outputs while experiencing life. This growing trend, has stimulated the dynamic growth and development of mobile connectivity. Toerien says that users require maximum performance and availability in one package and this is being achieved through durable yet lightweight innovations, 3G, 4G, touch screens and new technologies such as HD Backlit screens to Blue Ray ROMs.

He says that we are seeing smart phones becoming netbooks with mail and applications, netbooks becoming notebooks, with the new dual core Atom CPU’s and notebooks are now mobile offices with the Core iCPU range, turbo boost and Hyper threading technologies.

“As the world becomes smaller and smarter we move into a new era of mobile computing that guarantees faster networking, improved usability and an increased variety of applications. These new developments are further fuelled by the drive for maximum performance with maximum mobility,” concludes Toerien.

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