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SECURITY: Power Security: Monitoring Multiple UPS Systems


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A new monitoring system for multiple, networked uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems has been launched by power specialist Powermode. Targeted at larger corporate users, Powerview is a management application that graphically represents network topologies on a display ‘dashboard’. It is designed to alert the network manager to any site-level power anomaly and highlight its possible collateral impact on the enterprise.

According to Powermode MD Jack Ward the importance of a reliable power supply has been recognised by most organisations in South Africa, as demonstrated by the proliferation of UPS systems in the workplace.

“However, in many installations UPS systems are unmonitored - even if connected to the corporate network - leading to confusion in the event of a UPS malfunction,” he says.

“Powerview is able to exploit the SNMP reporting capability inherent in most UPS systems on the market today to provide central monitoring, management, logging and diagnosis of UPS behaviour.”

By making use of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) polling and event-trap mechanisms, Powerview helps users obviate costly downtime due to unforeseen failures. It also gives network managers the opportunity to react immediately to unexpected UPS behaviour prompted by dynamic icons on a visual dashboard, says Ward.

“Should problems occur users can retrospectively review the events’ sequence, assisting with post-event reviews, root cause analysis and future remedial action.”

From a technical perspective, Powerview facilitates threshold monitoring of UPS behaviour against predefined levels. The system supports many different graphical representations of both real-time and historical data - from simple line graphs, to stacked graphs with multiple parameters displayed on a common time axis.

In reacting to various event types Powerview uses a prioritising algorithm to generate specific alerts including a graphical colour-change in the monitor dashboard, the sending of an email, the generation of an audible alarm or pager/ SMS messaging.

A key feature is Powerview’s ability to create custom graphical combinations capable of being called up as needed to perform real-time assessments of system behaviour.

“Power outages are stressful events and a prompt response is essential,” adds Ward. “Distributed UPS configurations need rapid assessment and quick reactions to avoid prolonged downtime. Powerview provides the necessary support to allow the immediate identification of the type and location of the problem.


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