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INFOTECH: Next Generation APC UPS Now Available


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APC by Schneider Electric has announced the phasing out of the BR800I UPS and the introduction of the BR900GI, a next generation UPS with innovative new power saving features designed to reduce wasted electricity.

"The BR800I is an older product that had reached end of life and will be replaced by the BR900GI, a new and improved device that can not only carry more load than previously, but also offers new features and functionality to better manage power requirements and enhance ease of use," says Jan Vorster, APC product specialist at distributors Drive Control Corporation (DCC).

The BR900GI is designed to protect computer systems and peripherals from power related events by intelligently managing power requirements in the event of an outage. Power saving features will shut down power to less important peripherals when more critical equipment is required to remain functional, and a new Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) ensures a constant supply of stable electricity to devices even when power remains up and running.

"The reality is that our electricity supply does not come through at a constant voltage, and we are subject to spikes and dips that can over time damage devices and corrupt data. Using a UPS with built-in AVR can prevent this problem, by supplying a steady stream of clean power to connected devices at all times. To conserve electricity the BR900GI will bypass the AVR transformer when power is stable, so that this feature is only in use when it is necessary," Vorster says.

"The BR900GI also combines enhanced functional features, such as an LCD screen to display the current status of the device. This makes the device far easier and more intuitive to use, as instead of the customary blinking LED indicators users can now immediately identify any problems that may occur as they will be clearly displayed on-screen," he adds.

A UPS is an important device in any desktop environment as it gives users time to save documents and projects and conduct a stately shutdown of machines, minimising the disruption often cause by power outages.

"With a challenging situation in South Africa in terms of unstable power and the possibility of more load shedding on the horizon, businesses need to equip themselves with devices that can protect critical business data and prevent sudden shutdowns which may irretrievably damage expensive equipment and infrastructure," Vorster concludes.

The new APC BR900GI by Schneider Electric is available now from DCC.

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