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INFOTECH: Zycko Announces Launch Of New Services in SA


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Local distributor Zycko has announced the launch of Smartpac Support and Repair Services in South Africa, providing its customers with either a full maintenance contract or a repair service for all networking products sold by Zycko.

Smartpac is the service division of Zycko that provides product repair and/or hardware maintenance for a wide range of networking products including Cisco, Juniper Networks, Huawei, Extreme Networks, HP, 3COM, Enterasys and Nortel Networks.

Says Gail Holt, Managing Director of Zycko South Africa, “We are pleased to introduce Smartpac Support and Repair Services to our customers. Smartpac is especially aimed at supporting legacy networks. These services give them peace of mind that we will support and maintain their networks during and beyond the lifetime of the product, thus extending their initial monetary investment. Smartpac is competitively priced and far more flexible than similar services – something we are particularly happy about extending to our customers.”

Smartpac Support Services

Smartpac Support provides a packaged maintenance agreement that gives customers the assurance of support should any product go faulty – with two support options available depending on the criticality of the equipment and customer budget. It offers complete flexibility, allowing for one contract to cover all networking products – irrespective of vendor; and also allows one contract to cover an entire network, regardless of location (for example, a network spanning several geographical locations). Furthermore, it allows customers to add on newly purchased products to their existing contract and keep the same renewal date; as well as offering various levels of support within one contract depending on whether the equipment is core or non-critical. Two support contracts are available from Zycko – 24x7x4hour response or 8x5xNBD hardware replacement.

“ One of the unique benefits of Smartpac is that we will maintain and support legacy equipment, including equipment that is EOL’d or out of warranty.”

Smartpac Repair Services

Smartpac Repair provides an alternative to the disposal and replacement of faulty equipment. Zycko’s Smartpac Repair program is the solution for maintaining legacy networks and supporting EOL and out-of-warranty equipment. Repairing older products rather than replacing with refurbished or new offers the most cost effective option and ensures that these products are supported and maintained beyond the lifetime of the product.

Zycko’s new state-of-the-art ISO accredited, anti-static protected repair facility is able to repair kit to component level on high-end networking equipment. The service covers WAN, LAN, wireless, security and VoIP technologies for all major network manufacturers including high-end core routers, switches and firewalls.

Notes Holt, “Most vendors do not offer support or repair services for end-of-life products, forcing customers to replace equipment sooner than they really need to. Smartpac’s support and repair services are unique in that they cover all products, even those that are refurbished, out of warranty or end-of-life. As organisations are increasingly looking to improve their ‘green bottom line’, extending the lifecycle of existing products is a great way to cut down on unnecessary purchases.”

Repairs are turnaround in two weeks, and carry a one year warranty.


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