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INFOTECH: Virtualisation Brought to the Mac Market


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NCSolutions, providers of state of the art desktop virtualisation technology, have signed a sole distribution agreement with Aqua Connect, bringing desktop virtualisation to the Mac environment.

"Traditionally, deploying Mac OS across a network has been a costly exercise due to the high price of the physical endpoints. This barrier has made Mac networks prohibitive for many higher education institutes as well as some businesses and as a result courses in Mac are scarce and expensive due to the high cost of infrastructure," says Sean Owen-Jones, CEO of NCSolutions.

Aqua Connect breaks down the cost barriers of implementing a network on the Mac platform, delivering the Mac experience via OS X servers to diverse hardware and software platforms and mobile devices, using graphically enhanced terminal emulation.

"Aqua Connect even allows organisations to harness existing PC or notebook infrastructure to deliver a Mac experience, an application that is particularly useful to educational institutions or businesses that already have expensive infrastructure in place," Owen-Jones adds.

Aqua Connect is a new technology and a first in the African market. It is simple to set up, as the client software is simply loaded onto any end point terminal including PCs, thin clients and even mobile devices such as a PDA or an iPad, using existing infrastructure. The client can then be accessed from the device without limiting this Mac network to proprietary Mac hardware, which can lower cost to entry by as much as 70% when compared to using only Mac hardware.

"The Aqua Connect Terminal Server software is quick to download and deploy on the central server, so that devices can access the server from both local and remote locations. The ACTS allows access by Mac workstations and laptops as well as by PC, PDAs, smartphones and thin clients, and only one Mac OS X server license is required to handle as many clients as the server hardware will support. Deploying a Mac network environment has never been simpler or more flexible," says Owen-Jones.

"The Mac environment offers excellent graphics for use in desktop publishing and design applications amongst others, and is also less prone to viruses so is appealing from a security perspective. Using the technology delivered by Aqua Connect, virtualisation and Mac server and network environments become far more affordable and attractive to new markets, especially in Africa where cost remains a key consideration for IT deployments," he concludes.


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