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Retail: MultiChoice's remarkable universal remote control


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From your TV set and decoder, to your coffee machine - yes your coffee machine - your house lights, your home theatre set-up, and many more, the latest PVR remote control unit from MultiChoice, has the ability to control all of this, with the touch of a button.

The uniqueness of the universal remote, apart from it array of functionalities, is that it can be programmed to operate various brands of consumer electronic devices. Low-end universal remotes can only control a set number of devices determined by their manufacturer, while mid- and high-end universal remotes allow the user to program in new control codes to the remote.

“This remarkable piece of equipment in your TV environment has the potential to bring about enormous changes to your entertainment lifestyle” says MultiChoice’s Chief Technology Officer Gerdus van Eeden of Gauteng.

The ergonomic design ensures easy navigation and understanding of the various functions that the remote control can process. Not that long ago the battle of the remote control was a common household dilemma, as to which favourite DStv channel should be viewed. Today that battle has been resolved with the XtraView solution, and the functionality of the remote control has now evolved to ending the dilemma of multiple remotes versus one remote control unit.

The functionality for the control of the PVR remote control remains the same as that of the previous remote, with upgraded functionalities, facilitating ease of use. The universal remote can operate six different modes namely TV 1 and TV2 (for PVR functionalities) and four other devices or equipment in the home.

“This technology opens up a whole new world of interactivity that delivers on our promise to keep giving our customers so much more… so much more now extends beyond your TV and decoder to your wider entertainment lifestyle, and beyond even that and into your home… to include, if need be, even your coffee machine,” says Van Eeden

MultiChoice’s dynamic technology platform and excellent bouquet of channels, built around compelling and premium movie and sports channels, has resulted in the company building a significant television business across South Africa, broadcasting more than 80 video, over 40 audio and 28 radio channels and more than 6 interactive channels, 24 hours a day on its DStv platform.

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