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INFORMATION MANAGEMENT: A New End-to-End Centralised Monitoring Solution


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Information management and outsource ICT specialist, RDB Consulting, has announced the availability of a centralised monitoring solution that offers end-to-end monitoring for the entire IT infrastructure. The solution is fully scalable and modular as it can be implemented across the infrastructure or on selected components and expanded as needs require.

Built on an open source platform, the system can be developed and customised in-house according to the unique needs of the client, and add-ons can be requested and developed if necessary. Support is provided to clients via telephone, remote login and email.

"RDB Consulting's monitoring solution is a database driven system that offers centralised configuration and central access to all data. It provides real-time monitoring and alerts across performance, availability and integrity monitoring, with alerts delivered through email, SMS or instant messenger depending on the needs of the client," says Ettiene Myburgh, System Engineer at RDB Consulting. "The solution also allows proactive response as the triggers are predefined and thresholds can be set up to send out alerts before issues escalate into real problems."

A system such as this, which offers monitoring on all aspects of IT infrastructure from databases to operating systems to networks and everything in between offers a number of benefits for clients, not least of which is the ability to be proactive when it comes to issue resolution.

"Being able to deal with alerts before they become problems can help clients save large sums of money, as these issues can be solved before they cause costly downtime and loss of productivity," explains Gerrit-Jan Albers, Service Delivery Manager at RDB Consulting. "This also allows us to provide better customer service as we can notify clients of issues and their resolution in advance of them escalating and causing trouble. We are also better able to deliver on SLAs that involve specific amounts of uptime, and are able to monitor services from other providers."

RDB Consulting offers database monitoring as a value added service to all clients that have database support with the company, but can now extend this service to incorporate the entire infrastructure and can offer new clients end-to-end IT monitoring services. For customers that cannot afford onsite resources to monitor IT infrastructure, or wish to free up people for more business critical applications; this centralised solution offers quick ROI for a small investment, which can be completely tailored and customised to deliver an individualised offering.

"Being proactive is part of RDB Consulting's key responsibility to our clients, and we have always been able to deliver proactive issue resolution on the database side. With the development of our centralised monitoring solution we can now extend this offering to the rest of the IT infrastructure, across a wide range of supported platforms," says Jaroslav Cerny, CEO of RDB Consulting.

"Our customers can now take advantage of running a complete monitoring solution that gives them the assurance that errors can be detected quickly and efficiently before they snowball and create problems. This eases stress and helps to identify exactly where issues occur, as well as saving clients money by preventing unnecessary downtime," he concludes.

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