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GREEN AWARD: Nedbank Gets Another Green Award


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Phase II of Nedbank’s head office has achieved another eco-friendly first. Today it was announced at the Green Building Council Convention that the development in Sandton, Johannesburg has been certified as South Africa’s first As Built Green Star SA Building under the Green Building Council of South Africa’s (GBCSA) Office v1 rating tool.

The building was awarded South Africa’s first ever Green Star SA rating – a 4 Star Green Star SA Office Design v1 rating, which signifies “Best Practice” in green building – at the convention last year.

A “Design” certification can be submitted for and awarded at the end of the design phase of the project. The intent is that the building can then be marketed during construction as a Green Star SA certified building, having demonstrated the green building strategies to be included in the building. At the end of construction, a project can submit for and be awarded “As Built” certification, certifying that all green building strategies were in fact incorporated into the final building.

As with the design rating, projects need to gain credits in the eight environmental categories of Green Star SA – Management, Indoor Environmental Quality, Energy, Water, Transport, Materials, Emissions and Land Use and Ecology.

GBCSA CEO Nicola Douglas said, “Nedbank has shown incredible commitment to the green building movement in South Africa by following up their achievement last year of being the first design-rated project to also claim the first Green Star SA As-Built rating. The Green Building Council commends the entire project team on this significant achievement.”

Mike Brown, Nedbank Group chief executive said, “The Nedbank Group has demonstrated its leadership position in environmental sustainability through being the first corporate in South Africa to commit itself to becoming carbon-neutral and adopting the Equator Principles to assist our clients to comply with sustainability best practice. The acknowledgement that Nedbank has received for developing high quality sustainable buildings, as reflected in the Green Star As Built Awards for its Phase II development in Sandton is further testimony to our commitment to being an environmentally responsible company.”

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