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FOOD & BEVERAGES: Castle Lite to Bring Coldest Beer Ever Served in South Afric


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South Africa’s most popular premium beer brand, Castle Lite, is rolling out a huge nationwide campaign which will make the beer drinking experience colder than ice by introducing new fridges, draught equipment and mobile ice bar events.

Last October, SAB focused Castle Lite’s marketing activities around the “Extra Cold” theme, seeking to capitalise on the beer’s uniquely refreshing taste. South African drinkers have responded by increasingly choosing Castle Lite.

Looking to accelerate that growth, SAB has this week launched the next wave of the campaign under the theme of “Cold Blitz”.

Castle Lite General Manager Julian Coulter says: “While we are intensifying our efforts to capitalise on the fact that South African beer drinkers love the extra cold refreshment of Castle Lite, our nearest competitor has increasingly resorted to price discounting.”

Last year, Castle Lite introduced the concept of “Extra Cold” which has proven to be a unique and distinctive positioning for the brand. Castle Lite became the first premium beer (and is still the only beer) to introduce a temperature sensitive thermochromatic indicator on all 330ml and 660ml bottles which shows the beer is at perfectly cold drinking temperature.

The Extra Cold concept was backed up by a commercial starring pop culture icon Vanilla Ice which was launched last year and was extremely well received by consumers. This was followed up this year by an advert featuring iconic rap star MC Hammer, which has received widespread acclaim.

This week’s launch of a new Extra Cold phase will be a nationwide campaign called Cold Blitz. The campaign aims to further invigorate the brand through a number of market innovations to allow consumers to experience the extra cold difference for themselves.

The Cold Blitz campaign has resulted in thousands of Castle Lite sub-zero Extra Cold fridges being placed in the market place; and extra cold events will be held at more than 50 outlets, culminating in big mobile ice bar events – literally a Castle Lite ice bar in which consumers can enjoy the extra cold experience at temperatures of minus 15 degrees centigrade – at five top venues. A new draught offering has also been introduced to make the draught drinking experience the coldest in the country.

The Cold Blitz initiative includes:

  • Thousands of sub-zero extra cold fridges have been placed in taverns, restaurants and bars;
  • Extra Cold events will be held at 50 selected outlets;
  • Mobile ice bars will be deployed at selected venues throughout South Africa;
  • New draught equipment has been introduced to allow draught beer to be colder that it has ever been served in SA.

The Castle Lite Fridges, currently seen on the MC Hammer Castle Lite commercial, are able to chill beer to an extra cold and refreshing minus 4 degrees centigrade. The fridges also consume less energy if left on overnight rather than being switched off (switching them off then takes more energy to cool down the beers to optimal temperature the next morning). The sleek modern appearance with exterior LCD temperature display, adds to the unmistakably Castle Lite experience.

Coulter says: “South Africans have always appreciated an ice cold beer, and Castle Lite is specifically ‘cold lagered’ to be highly refreshing, particularly when served colder.”

“At minus 4 degrees centigrade, our Extra Cold Fridges keep Castle Lite at the perfect drinking temperature. We are giving our consumers the coldest beer drinking experience in the country” adds Coulter.

Castle Lite is a home grown premium brand which has worked hard over many decades to bring value to consumers and retailers, and has been South Africa’s most popular premium beer for over three years.

“The cold refreshment theme really resonates with a growing number of South African beer drinkers,” says Coulter. “And so we are highly focused on bringing the uniquely refreshing experience of life in as many ways as we can.”

“The Castle Lite campaign is just another way in which our brands are seeking to inject excitement into the market by offering consumers greater choice and fantastic value,” he says.

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