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Trusted consumer brands will hold their own in global turmoil

. Results of the Brands and Branding/Ipsos Markinor Brand Trust Index research

. Answers to branding questions you've not even thought of asking

. Launch of South Africa's first Brand Xpo

Brand Trust Index Results

The top 100 Trust Brands have shown little or no decrease in trust levels despite widespread negative economic and business sentiment in South Africa over the past year. In fact, many top 100 have instead shown a small increase in consumer trust perceptions proving that trusted consumer brands will hold their own during the global economic turmoil.

This is one of the key observations made in The Encyclopaedia of Brands and Branding in South Africa launched yesterday (October 23) in Johannesburg.

Published by Affinity Publishing and now in its 14th year, Brands and Branding chronicles the fortunes of leading brands, highlighting the results of all the major brand marketing research undertaken during the year to provide a comprehensive overview of the current brandscape and the standing of over 100 leading brands.

Given that 'trust' is at the very core of a consumer's relationship with a brand, the Brands and Branding/Ipsos Markinor Brand Trust Index is one of the most critical pieces of research included in the annual.

In the Top 10 line-up this year, Nokia and Tastic share first place with 77%; Ace and Coca-Cola second at 76%; SABC1, Huletts and Clover third with 75%; Shoprite and Discovery Channel fourth at 74%; and DStv a very close 73%. Last year's Top 10 trust indices varied between 81% and 70%.

The remaining 90 of the top 100 average around 65% and the balance of the top 250 around 50%. This, according to publisher Ken Preston, is a 'huge achievement'. To have over 50% of the people who know your brand say they trust it a great deal is remarkable, he says.

The fact that strong brands have held their own during uncertain economic times does not surprise Preston, who points out that brands are resilient and offer owners not only premium pricing but a guarantee of future earnings. They recover more quickly and encourage consumers to spend in these most difficult of times, he says.

Case studies and articles by industry thought leaders

In addition to revealing the full results of the Brands and Branding Ipsos Markinor Brand Trust Index, Preston promises South African marketers that the annual will provide them with all the answers to the questions they have about branding in the current economic and social environment, as well as answers to questions they may not have even thought of asking.

"Our objective is to provide insights and inspiration through a narrative of brand development and success in this country -- to assist branding and marketing professionals make informed decisions when it comes to their brands," says Preston.

"We believe that knowing how successful brands like KFC, Discovery Health, Mercedes-Benz, WesBank, Coca-Cola and Kulula continuously re-invent themselves while staying relevant and retaining the trust of their customers is invaluable, so we've compiled over 100 brand profiles and case studies to refer to.

"We've also commissioned articles that address issues currently impacting on brands and their relationships with South African consumers to give readers a more in-depth understanding of the factors at play. For example, 'What is Generation X thinking about?', 'What is Cool?', 'How environmentally conscious are today's consumers?', 'Seven ways to avoid brand extinction' and 'How do you approach building a global FMCG brand?'

"Current and future marketers alike will most certainly find these insights of considerable value."

South Africa's first comprehensive brand exhibition

After introducing the 2008 Brands and Branding, Preston announced that Affinity Publishing will in 2009 stage the country's first comprehensive brand exhibition, Brand Xpo. Under the guidance of an expert advisory board, Brand Xpo will showcase a selection of iconic brands in a manner that will appeal to business, marketing and communications professionals, as well as consumers.

This approach -- which is described by Preston as a 'brandscape' -- is a first for South Africa and is intended to encourage visitors to explore and interact with brands on a variety of different levels.

"Brands are everywhere. From boutique stores to garage shops, they're displayed in vast vehicle showrooms and hidden in petite personal handbags. They're on your clothes, in your cupboards, on the box and in your face. There is no escaping them. Brands are a mainstay of modern life. And -- at Brand Xpo 2009 -- they'll lay themselves bare in the first show of its kind in South Africa," he says.

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