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TRAINING: Tailor-make Your Own Low Cost Business Improvement Courses


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In spite of indications that the global economic recession is in retreat, one just has to look at the rising numbers of failing corporates to see that businesses are still suffering the consequences. And those fortunate enough to survive, are now faced with the question: “what’s next?” But let’s face it, to get ahead, a business should do more than merely survive... it should rather thrive! So how does one do that?

Well, there are a vast number of case studies and statistics available to prove that optimal business performance; continuous improvement and constant increased profitability CAN INDEED be achieved through consistent application of Lean Six Sigma business process improvement tools. You just have to ask the corporates who have saved millions and those who made millions by doing that. In fact, this has become such common knowledge, that using Lean Six Sigma tools are no longer regarded as competitive advantage. It has rather become a necessity. “But referring to something as a necessity, or commonplace, doesn’t make it unimportant. Air is vitally important, but breathing it doesn’t make us stand out,” says David Silverstein, founder and CEO of BMGI.

Open Access to World Class Courseware
In the face of budgets that are still tight and costs that still have to be managed, continuing with those trusted business improvement tools that reap results for you, could propose a challenge. However, BMGI holds the belief that once something reaches this status of a commonplace necessity, it should become more accessible. For this reason, the company has recently launched “Open Access” an online platform which is designed to make world class courseware, tools, templates and other resources easy to access at very little or in many instances at absolutely no cost! The Open Access website at contains an extensive library of web-based training that is free to everyone that would like to simply stream it from their website. The company has also made many of its most sought after tools and templates available and downloadable with the click of a button. Additionally, they have drastically lowered the cost – by about 90% - of downloading its content to your own servers. “We want to make it as easy and inexpensive as we can, while still being able to develop new content in the future,” explains Salomon Erasmus, Managing Director of BMGI South Africa.

Watch and learn
Apart from providing the resources, Open Access also enables you to join collaborative communities where you could learn from the best.... through formally moderated discussion forums where engaging and disciplined discussions are facilitated by experts.

Do it yourself: create and manage your own Lean Six Sigma courses and exams
Open Access is just the beginning of a multi-tiered process that BMGI is following to make Lean Six Sigma tools and training more accessible and more cost effective for all. Unseen until now, the company is in the process of launching a pioneering facility which will enable users to engineer their own classes on the system as well as author their own exams, once again at an extremely low cost. This will be available within the next year “Every company’s environment is different and making use of generic courses does not always address the specific unique challenges that a company is faced with. We are therefore very excited to soon make a facility available that will enable Lean Six Sigma practitioners to tailor-make their own courses,” explains Salomon Erasmus. “And while Lean Six Sigma operators wait for this facility to launch, they may in the meantime make use of the resources and tools that are already available on Open Access at little or no cost.”

Since 1999, BMGI has helped hundreds of clients in over 50 countries - from global Fortune 100 conglomerates to niche manufacturers. In doing so, we have been able to reduced own clients' expenditures by millions, contributing significantly to margin growth and bottom-line improvements. As BMGI's reputation for smart, effective solutions has grown, so have the unique traits that set us apart from the competition. These strengths continue to define BMGI as an industry leader in driving organizational excellence as we help clients and we trust that Open Access will contribute to that.”

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