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General: Eco-driving: Saves you money, saves the environment


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South African fleet operators can now reap the benefits of an easily implementable driver system to combat the problems of air pollution and the ever-rising cost of fuels in Gauteng. The growing move to the concept of Eco-driving is appealing to more and more countries as it is a low-cost, yet simple and effective approach to the saving of fuel and protection of the environment, with field testing verifying that a change in driving style can cut down on the consumption of fuel and emission of carbon dioxide by as much as 7 to 20 percent.

Eco-driving inculcates a style of driving that involves a number of activities, starting even before a driver turns on the engine, like the planning of a route and a safety check of the vehicle. The driving techniques are most effective and successful when applied to public transport and fleet vehicles.

Additional benefits include the reduction of spending on repairs and maintenance and a reduction in accident involvement due to a less stressful journey experience, as well as ensuring less down-time for especially logistics operators. Naturally the reduction in emissions favourably impacts on the health of the general populace.

A major advantage of the Eco-driving concept is that it does not require significant investment. It only requires educational programmes and, if possible, a strategic monitoring or enforcement system, making it highly cost effective.

Training courses in Eco-driving are growing in demand in Europe, North America, New Zealand, Australia and in Asian countries, largely as a result of their win-win outcomes. The system is now for the first time also being offered in South Africa by Advanced Driving Solutions, a driving education company in Gauteng.

Advanced Driving Solutions Eco-driving course offers assistance with the choosing of eco friendly vehicles and specific application vehicles, the co-ordination and integration of vehicle monitoring systems, a carbon footprint, broad base educational programme implementation and the implementation of CO2 off-set programmes.

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